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“Empowering accounting teams with automation.”

FloQast automates accounting workflows for enterprise teams.
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Mike, Chris, and Cullen have shown a strong passion for building products that make accounting teams’ lives easier, in a market dominated by outdated software tools with little to no user empathy. We invested on day one, seeing a team with incredible firsthand experience, and identifying with the underserved but mission critical accounting teams they partner with.
FloQast is now used by 1,500+ global customers, powering the day-to-day of accounting teams at companies like Shopify, Zoom, Snowflake, and Zillow.


Mike Whitmire
CEO, FloQast


Mike Whitmire, Chris Sluty, and Cullen Zandstra co-founded FloQast after experiencing the pain of broken accounting processes firsthand. Mike worked as a Senior Auditor at EY, then Senior Accountant at Cornerstone OnDemand where he saw the company scale through IPO; Chris built a successful boutique financial services firm that sold to KPMG; and Cullen spent time as a Software Engineer with MySpace and OneScreen.
Mike Whitmire
Chris Sluty
Cullen Zandstra

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