The Community

The vision has always been clear, create an environment that embraces the undervalued community of passionate technology entrepreneurs. To make this vision a reality we needed to perform 3 missions all working in parallel of each other. We are very excited to have two operating missions in action. This section of our site will serve as the hub for Mission 3, The Community.

Mission 1: The Accelerator

Amplify has been operating an accelerator program since December 2011. Our goal for this mission was to add to the growing capital needs for Los Angeles entrepreneurs. These talented people were leaving our community because of a disconnect between the people who had money and themselves. This will always be a problem but with our program we now work hard to make capital needs in Los Angeles non existent.

Mission 2: The Campus

We recently renovated the historic building at 1600 Main Street in Venice, CA designed by famous architect Steven Ehrlich. The 10,000 square foot property, where part of the Venice roller coaster once stood, has a simple goal, bring everyone who shares the same drive and passion under one roof and lets see what happens. Our facility is now home to dozens of startups and eager entrepreneurs.

Mission 3: The Community

The final mission, embrace the community. In the past we've tested ideas on how we can support this community with events, resources (some of which you will find below), social media, parties, lectures and events. To learn more about these events subscribe to our newsletter below.

We can't begin to explain how excited we are for technology companies in Los Angeles. We are honored you let us contribute.

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Augie Rakow & Daniel Friedland

Amplify Mentor Event: Recent trends and innovations in early-stage venture financings

Jeremy Dann

Amplify Mentor Event: Design Thinking for Entrepreneurship

Keith Chambers

Amplify Mentor Event

Sergey Sundukovskiy

Amplify Mentor Event: Are you ready to build an MVP?

Marc Tarpenning

Amplify Mentor Event with Tesla Co-Founder

Dan Mohler

Amplify Mentor Event: Lessons from a Start Up Warrior

Wilton Risenhoover

Amplify Mentor Event

Jennifer Tan

Amplify Mentor Event

Chris Lyman

Amplify Mentor Event: Transparency and The Startup

J.J. Abrams

Fireside Chat with Richard Wolpert to talk technology

Marketing 101 for Startups

Amplify Mentor Series Panel

Gary Swart

Amplify Mentor Event with CEO of oDesk

Adam Ettinger

Amplify Mentor Event

Craig Howe

Amplify Mentor Event

Alon Shwartz

Amplify Mentor Event

Hayes Kim

Amplify Mentor Event

Jim Wiatt

Fireside Chat, discussing the Convergence of Media and Tech

Eli Portnoy

Lessons he learned from ThinkNear

Joe Lewis

Amplify Mentor Event

Zach James & Richard Raddon

SVB Presents Amplify Mentor Series with ZEFR

Lucy Counter & Joe DiNucci

Amplify Mentor Event: Company Culture Workshop


Amplified Financial Model

Entrepreneurs make common mistakes when crafting an early-stage financial model, yet most mistakes are largely avoidable. This guide intends to provide young entrepreneurs with rough idea of how to build a financial model without falling victims to usual pitfalls.

What is a financial model?

- This is a discussion about what you believe will happen

- This is an assesment of your realism (Costs and Revenues).

- This is a statement about your assumptions.

- This is a way to visualize how your business actually works.

There are three main parts to this guide:

- Income Statement

- Balance Sheet

- Cash Flow Statement

Amplified Early Stage Pitch Deck

Entrepreneurs make common mistakes when crafting an early-stage pitch deck, yet most mistakes are largely avoidable. This guide intends to provide young entrepreneurs with a rough idea of how to build a compelling deck without falling victims to the usual pitfalls.

What is the flow?

- This Idea

- This Team

- This Problem

- This Solution

- Tractions & Validation

- Current Needs

There are two main parts to this guide:

- Guidelines and structure

- Common mistakes and turn-offs

Amplify E-Commerce Metrics & Reporting Guide

E-commerce companies looking to succeed must be able to clearly understand, explain and optimize their underlying metrics. This guide intends to provide entrepreneurs with an understanding of the data necessary to scale any new e-commerce venture.

There are three main parts to this guide:

- Identifying dimensions for segmenting your data

- Calculating and tracking key metrics

- Using impactful reporting tools to uncover valuable insights

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